Amazon Webstore eCommerce Developer Website Launch

Amazon Webstore eCommerce Developer

Capstyle recently launched their new and unique collectible products on the Amazon Webstore eCommerce platform.

Luxor focused on offering Capstyle brand a visually appealing Amazon Webstore design that would catch the eye of their target audience, while also offering a strong focus on Search Engine Optimization across the brand’s new Web presence. Capstyle’s new eCommerce Website design offers the brand an SEO optimized Web presence, designed to reach their target audience of teens and tweens everywhere with their unique, collectible bottle cap jewelry kits.

Luxor also assisted Capstyle brand with Amazon Selling inventory upload services, helping the brand to launch their inventory on the marketplace. In addition Capstyle brand chose to utilize FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon services to give their product an easy and value priced fulfillment option for their customers on Webstore and selling. FBA allowed Capstyle to utilize the option of offering the very appealing Amazon Prime shipping option to members and the option for free shipping on for orders meeting Amazon’s free shipping requirements.

Capstyle is the next new thing for teens and tweens everywhere. Capstyle series of magnetic bottle cap jewelry give teens and tweens the power to decorate almost anything with their unique style. With the unique system of collectible Capstyle plastic bottle cap magnet jewelry – teens and tweens mix and match their favorite Capstyle series and decorations, making unique bottle cap necklaces, bottle cap magnets and jewelry. A unique twist to an old idea, Capstyle brand is growing popularity with teens and tweens everywhere.

See the new Amazon Web Store site launch for Capstyle brand here:

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Amazon Webstore Designer Launches Specialty Hockey Website

Amazon Web Store Designer Web Site

Luxor recently designed a new Amazon Webstore presence for specialty ice hockey retailer

An existing Amazon marketplace merchant, wanted to expand their Web presence with their own eCommerce Website designed on the Amazon Webstore platform. Being an existing Amazon marketplace seller meant that’s existing inventory seamlessly migrated onto the Webstore platform, giving the merchant one unified and easy to manage inventory for two marketplaces – their own Website and Selling. This seamless inventory integration made the Amazon Webstore design an easy choice for in expanding their online SEO and Web presence. Luxor design an SEO optimized Webstore on the Amazon platform to further uitilize’s new Web presence and leverage their growing brand.

HockeyNinja products are available in countries across North America, Europe and parts of Asia; their premium visors are used by leagues all over the world and worn in the Swedish Elite, Canadian AA, and German minor ice hockey leagues. The company’s premium ice hockey visors give players a premium, professional hockey grade optic – at affordable pricing; its for these reasons that the brands Ronin series of ice hockey visors have and are growing in popularity across the world in not only professional hockey leagues, but also with casual players seeking a professional grade optic.

Visit the new Amazon Webstore design for brands here:

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Specialty Retailer Launches New Amazon Webstore Design

Amazon Webstore Designer

A new eCommerce Web presence was recently developed for specialty online retailer Access Denied™ by Luxor.

The new Access Denied™ Website allows the company to sell their RFID blocking technology online through the Amazon Webstore platform using inventory that is integrated with Selling on Amazon. Amazon Webstore developer Luxor architected the Webstore so that the client only has one linked inventory to manage – but the ability to sell their inventory through and – providing two selling outlets , but only one inventory to manage. Amazon further fulfills (FBA) all orders for the client from their warehouse location, offering the client a seamless eCommerce presence.

Specialty accessory retailer Access Denied™ provides RFID blocking technology in men’s and women’s wallets, passport holders and briefcases to help stop the growing threat of identity theft as RFID chips become integrated in passports, credit cards and even some drivers licenses. Silent electronic pickpocketing of your personal data is a growing threat not just in the United States but across the world and Specialty accessory retailer Access Denied™ looks to help consumers protect themselves from this growing threat.

Visit the new Access Denied™ eCommerce Website design:

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Uniformed eCommerce Webstore & Blog Design Launch On Amazon

Uniformed eCommerce Webstore Blog Design

Luxor recently launched a new eCommerce Website for

The newly redesigned Uniformed Website now uses the Amazon Webstore eCommerce platform, giving the company all of the benefits that this cutting edge Amazon driven platform offers – along with the ability to expand their inventory for Selling on

Switching to the Amazon platform took Uniformed from a hard to manage proprietary eCommerce platform which was short on scalability and features, to the Amazon Webstore eCommerce system – one of the world’s leading eCommerce selling platforms. Uniformed now enjoy’s the many benefits of the Webstore platform such as having the ability to share their Website inventory for Selling on Amazon, giving the client two sales outlets for their one inventory. The new Uniformed Webstore also features an Amazon Webstore blog design running on WordPress, which allows the Uniformed team to login and blog about new product launches, company news and more.

Uniformed is a Veteran owned business with the mission of providing a means for past, present and future service members and their families to strengthen and preserve their memories of serving in the armed forces. Since it’s inception, Uniformed has expanded offering service and sports uniform themed photo albums, picture frames and apparel for not just service members but college athletes, police and fire departments and even family themes as a way to preserve memories in style.

Visit the new Amazon Webstore design for Uniformed:

Amazon Webstore Development Launch For Ultra Spec Cables


Amazon Webstore Development Launch For Ultra Spec Cables

Amazon Webstore Development Launch For Ultra Spec Cables

The all-new Ultra Spec Cables / RiteAV eCommerce Webstore by Amazon was recently launched by Luxor.

The brand new eCommerce Presence for Ultra Spec Cables was developed on the Amazon Webstore platform, with design and coding development for a clean and custom design for the merchant to sell their cables online through the Amazon eCommerce Web platform, offering their customers a safe, secure checkout process and the merchant easy inventory and order management.

The new site features a completely custom design incorporating a homepage rotating banner, with the entire site being optimized for search engines with custom META tags implemented after extensive keyword research for the merchant, giving an elegant eCommerce presence which will also perform well from an SEO point of view.

The Amazon Webstore platform as developed by Luxor – a registered Amazon Solution Provider, is an amazing feature rich eCommerce platform which allows sellers to list their Selling on inventory on their own unique domain name and Webstore; this allows merchants to manage just one inventory – but with two selling outlets. Other benefits not found on other eCommerce platforms is the fact that you don’t need a merchant account as Amazon handles the checkout portion for you and FBA – shipping fulfillment by Amazon is an available service for a truly automated eCommerce presence.

Check out Luxor’s latest Amazon eCommerce Website launch here:

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Cable Galaxy Amazon Web Store Design Launched

amazon web store designer


Cable Galaxy Amazon Web Store Design Launched

The Cable Galaxy Amazon Web Store eCommerce store has gone live. The new Web Store platform based on the Amazon content management system, allows easy store and order management on the Amazon 2.0 WebStore platform.

Cable Galaxy Store offers many unique items such as extended cables for the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad and more. In addition to cables the store offers iPad Smart Covers, and many other related accessories for not only Apple products, but the Droid, HTC, Zune, and even eReaders – all available for purchase on their new Amazon WebStore platform.

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Duffy’s Brew Amazon Web Store Design Launched

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Duffy’s Brew Amazon Web Store Design Launched

The Duffy’s Brew Amazon Web Store eCommerce storefront was launched recently, offering the company an easy to manage WebStore platform which also allows for eCommerce sales of there products on

Duffy’s Brew offers beer-based personal care products with passion, creativity, and enthusiasm. Using the highest quality, natural ingredients, we are pioneering products that will enhance your life. There line of products available on their new Amazon Web Store platform includes beer-based shampoo and beer-based conditioner in their line of Beer-Based personal care products.

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