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January 11, 2018

6 Free Small Business SEO Tips

Free small business seo marketing tips

Your new small business is up and running with a great Ecommerce or WordPress website design package and your ready to sell – but now what?

Below is a brief, but comprehensive list with six free options which if you have the time you can do yourself, allowing you to work towards more visitors and increased sales for your new small business website.

1. Make Sure Your Website Platform Is SEO Optimized
If you are tech savvy and have LOTS of time on your hands then this is a great free option to start getting your web pages ranked properly and in the order/relevance that you desire. Obviously it takes years and years to become an SEO expert, but again if you have some time you can implement some of the basics of optimization yourself with the help of this great SEO Starter Guide by Google.

2. Build a Social Media Presence That is Relevant
Everyone knows about social media, but what you really need to think about and consider is what is most relevant to my business and target clientele? Such as a wedding dress designer may do great by setting up a Pinterest account and targeting viral marketing; however, should a local heating and air conditioning repair company start a Pinterest account? Probably not. So, give it a little thought and think will my clients be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – and what is the best way to reach them.

3. Start Writing Blogs, Become an Expert
A no brainer, but not to be underestimated – writing high-quality content is a great way to market your new small business for free, it just takes time! One of the best tips we can give you is to think “natural”, don’t try to write for Google, instead write quality content that your target clientele will find useful and want to read, bookmark and follow. As long as you write from that mindset you will avoid writing spammy articles, titles, etc. – and the reading experience will be greatly enhanced for your potential customers.

4. Offer an Email Newsletter Signup
Email newsletters are relevant to many if not most business types, so its a great way to keep in touch with new and existing customers. Two of the best providers are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, the latter being a paid service but with more options, but for anyone on a budget Mail Chimp is an excellent free solution for your new small business. Once you signup for your account they will provide you with newsletter signup box code which you can place on your website pretty easily; if your website is WordPress based then simply go to Appearance > Widgets > (Drag a “Text” Widget over into your sidebar or footer) > Paste Code Into New Widget – It’s that easy!

5. Offer Coupon Codes Online
If your business is based on an Ecommerce store website then a great way to entice new visitors and traffic for free is to simply offer a coupon code on a 3rd party coupon website such as RetailMeNot – simply submit your coupon code to RetailMeNot and thats just one more simple step you can take towards enhancing your customer base and possibly reaching new customers through a coupon code website.

6. Sell on Amazon.com
Rather than stress out about marketing your new small business website, Ecommerce sellers may want to consider listing their products on Amazon.com for free! This route allows your products to gain instant visibility through Amazon who spends a fortune marketing their own website – so that you can then focus more on your business – rather than marketing your website. Amazon does take a percentage obviously for this benefit, but some small businesses find this a great relationship. If you need help, consider our Amazon Consulting Services, in which we would be glad to discuss with you what it would take to list your products on Amazon.

I’f this list sounds a bit daunting or you simply don’t have the time, then ideally if your budget allows then now would be a great time to start investing in the future of your small business by hiring SEO Experts to start implementing monthly optimization efforts across your website. We always recommend investing in SEO first as the results are long-lasting even after work is stopped, so you can reap benefits for months and years afterward; however, in addition if your budget allows it is a great idea to run both monthly SEO and PPC campaigns, a pay per click campaign on Google Adwords will give your new small business instant traffic and results.

August 4, 2017

Tips For Hiring An Orlando SEO Company

orlando seo company

When trying to find the best Orlando SEO company you may find yourself spending way too much time trying to separate the pretenders from the real deal; here are some helpful tips to save you time and money in your search for an SEO partner.

This SEO Company Has A Great Website – I’m In!
Some of the world’s top SEO firms have absolutely horrible websites and others have great websites – it’s just not a good indicator to use when trying to find a great SEO company that will improve your traffic and sales in the Orlando market. If your looking for a company that can help you with website design or updates, along with running your SEO campaign then obviously you should judge their own website more; however, for the sole purpose of SEO, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

This Company Ranks #1 Google In Orlando, They Must Be Great.
We’ll let you in on a secret here; our company ranked on the first page for multiple services in Seattle, New York and even Hawaii! – but, this had everything to do with our being first in the market for many years (having over 10 years of experience), so age plays a huge factor in Google rankings – but it does not exactly translate to mean that this is the greatest SEO company in Orlando, but it does mean perhaps that they have been around for a while – so you can rank them on stability.

They Have Tons Of Employees And Make Millions, They Must Be Great At SEO.
A huge Orlando SEO company does not mean much more than one thing – you are going to pay a LOT more for the same service – and it likely will not be any better. Large SEO companies are good at marketing and forming the proper partnerships to make millions – this does not always mean that they are the best. Some of the largest SEO companies in Orlando that we personally know have college interns straight out of political science writing the copy on your website, is that what you really want in an company? Or do you want a smaller company, with a point of contact you can personally confer with and know that they are using years of experience in SEO when working on your website – and that they are not all about the bottom line.

They Promised Me A #1 On Google Within A Month!
If your in a very niche category such as an “Orlando Bakery Accounting Category” – well then the promise of a #1 ranking sounds reasonable; however, for the rest of us in the real world competing on Google for highly competitive long-tail keyword strings is a medium-long term venture that your company in Orlando has to be committed to. Any firm promising some quick #1 ranking for a highly competitive long-tail keyword string is very likely misleading you.

I Have To Sign A Long Term Contract, But Hey Why Not?
Run for the hills! Seriously. A long term contract for SEO means only one thing – they suck at SEO and they want to lock you in for 6-12 months of payments now – before you realize they cannot deliver the goods. At Luxor Design we do not require any long term contract, our initial SEO contract is simply to setup billing for the first month – and then after that clients can cancel at any time. Why are we able to do this? It’s because we deliver the work and rankings every month to clients, our valued SEO clients can see what we are doing to further their business in both monthly reporting and actual rankings and sales or inquiries to their website.

When you talk with a prospective SEO company in Orlando it’s important that their goals sound realistic and that they lay out a reasonable SEO strategy for your business. Focus on their marketing vision for your company and get a feel for their personalized service and who your point of contact will be, Make sure they will update you on a monthly basis with a comprehensive list of what they are doing to improve your search rankings. If you take all of this into consideration, your sure to pick a great search marketing company as your new business partner.

July 18, 2016

5 Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Should Avoid

amazon selling tips

Often new Amazon merchants don’t realize the complexity involved in getting their products properly listed for Selling on Amazon. These “beginner” mistakes can result in merchant accounts being suspended or terminated. Don’t go rogue – make sure your relationship with Amazon starts off on the right foot with these 5 great tips.

1. Listing Inventory Without Approval
Many popular categories on Amazon are either completely closed to new sellers or require new merchants to obtain approval from Amazon before listing their inventory. These categories require new merchants to fill out an application form BEFORE uploading their inventory, to be reviewed by the Amazon Selling team. Listing inventory without gaining approval can result in account suspension. Merchants can View a List of Amazon Categories and Products Requiring Approval.

2. Listing Inventory With Errors
Any new Amazon merchant with more than a dozen or so products absolutely needs to take the time to upload and manage their inventory by spreadsheet – rather than manually typing in each product one-by-one through the Amazon add a product tool; however, each category has its own unique spreadsheet, often with thousands of lines of instructions and its nearly impossible for an inexperienced merchant to properly put together a spreadsheet for upload without major errors everywhere. Any merchant serious about Amazon selling should contact a company like Luxor for our Amazon Consulting Services, where we can personally assist you with properly creating your inventory spreadsheet for upload.

3. Uploading Product Images Which Are Not Allowed
Amazon has very strict image requirements which helps with the clean continuity and flow of the shopping experience that most people have come to enjoy and love with Amazon; however, merchants choosing to ignore the very complex set of image rules associated with Amazon Selling will find their products suspended. The team at Luxor can help new merchants photoshop and prepare your product images to meet Amazon requirements. Click Here to Learn More About Amazon Selling Image Requirements.

4. Stealing Shoppers From Amazon
Stealing shoppers from Amazon probably isn’t the best way to start your new merchant relationship. Your item description should not have URL’s to your own website, nor should it be on your product images – Amazon merchants cannot try to get visitors to click and leave Amazon to visit their own Website or they risk account suspension. This is pretty much common sense, from Amazon’s point of view they are putting millions of dollars into marketing their platform every year – so they want visitors to Amazon.com to stay there.

5. Spamming For SEO
New merchants often “spam” their item pages text with ultra-long titles and spammy sounding descriptions with tons of keywords making the products info almost unreadable. Amazon does have rules regarding this, its not a good idea to completely spam your product title/name – it may work briefly, but will catch the eye of the Amazon team eventually which again, could result in… you know the drill.

Hopefully this guide will help you start off your Amazon Selling presence the right way and you’ll be making money in no time, but for any merchant who would like professional Amazon Consulting help to list their inventory the right way – the first time around, then be sure to contact Luxor Design today and we would be happy to discuss your goals anytime.